Align cover content to bottom of cover area

Add the class ‘align-content-to-bottom’

Cover block under the site header (not recomended)

Group the cover element at the top of the page after the header, and then add the class ‘cover-under-header’....

Using icons or images from theme folders

Some functions: And to use in a template: This could be better for the SVG function: This approach could...

Search page for an example race site

Two different ways to create a search using the ‘and’ operator for: These examples use: Option 01: Loading the...

Zoom on hover for columns block

Add the class “.gomo-cards” tot the Columns block Scss:

Parallax Cover Image with GSAP

using class “.gomo-parallax” and a GSAP function

Sticky columns

To make use of sticky elements in a column block, we have added a class to the theme called...

Taxonomy Widget – 3 ways

#1 The function call: The function: #2 The function call with variable: The function: #3 Adding a shortcode to...

Search & Replace between tags

This will find anything between and including the body tag…

only Reusable Blocks in acf relationship fields

Export json for field group Edit to include bold section below … “type”: “relationship”,          ...


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