Why you need an SSL in 2017

In the past, only commerce sites or websites that stored personal data required a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The SSL was used for sending and receiving data over the internet, securely.

Applying an SSL changed the url from http://(…com) to https://(…com). Many browsers show this with a secure padlock symbol to highlight that the data sent between the browser and the website server has been encrypted.

In 2015 Google announced that it would rank sites differently if they had an SSL: so this made SSL an important SEO factor.

If the Google ranking boost wasn’t sufficient reason to have an SSL, now in 2017 ¬†Google Chrome and Firefox browsers show your WordPress site as insecure if you don’t have an SSL applied.

If you are still not convinced about SSL we recommend you look into it further. At Poweron, all our new site builds have this as standard and we have moved many existing sites to have the HTTPS since these changes were announced.

If your WordPress site is not set up with an SSL and you would like us to help or explain it further please do get in touch.

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