Advanced Query Loop plugin

  • Template: Sticky

    This is a sticky post. There are a few things to verify: The sticky post should be distinctly¬†recognizable¬†in some way in comparison to normal posts. You can style the .sticky […]

  • Naming conventions for wordpress files form Chat GPT

    PHP: CSS/SCSS: JavaScript:

  • Block Annimation Plugin

    FadeInUp – delay: five second – speed: faster FadeInUp – delay: 200 milliseconds – speed: slower WordPress Theme We have manay patterns and animations

  • Grid Classes

    WordPress Column Block 1/3s – Order SM 2 .order-sm-2 .order-lg-1 WordPress Column Block 1/3s – Order 1 .order-sm-1 .order-lg-2 WordPress Column Block 1/3s – Order 3

  • GSAP parallax

    Add the class .gomo-parallax toa a cover block

  • Cover Styles

  • Block Class Helper (Plugin)

    This is a paragraph

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