Align cover content to bottom of cover area

Add the class ‘align-content-to-bottom’

Cover block under the site header (not recomended)

Group the cover element at the top of the page after the header, and then add the class ‘cover-under-header’....

Using icons or images from theme folders

Some functions: And to use in a template: This could be better for the SVG function: This approach could...

Search page for an example race site

Two different ways to create a search using the ‘and’ operator for: These examples use: Option 01: Loading the...

Zoom on hover for columns block

Add the class “.gomo-cards” tot the Columns block Scss:

Parallax Cover Image with GSAP

using class “.gomo-parallax” and a GSAP function

Sticky columns

To make use of sticky elements in a column block, we have added a class to the theme called...

Taxonomy Widget – 3 ways

#1 The function call: The function: #2 The function call with variable: The function: #3 Adding a shortcode to...

only Reusable Blocks in acf relationship fields

Export json for field group Edit to include bold section below … “type”: “relationship”,          ...

Theme media assets and SVG icons

In a theme pattern PHP file to pull media you can either echo the url like this: or use...


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